Seeing is Believing – an interactive VR performance

One in five Australians, including children and adolescents, lives with chronic pain, but this number rises to one in three for those over the age of 65.  Pain is invisible, yet it is a very real experience for the people living with it. Often drawing on metaphors to try and describe pain, it is difficult to capture what is a complex, individual, subjective and sensory cognitive experience.

In a unique collaboration between artist Eugenie Lee and a number of scientists, Eugenie has create a thoughtful and empathetic response to a common, yet invisible enemy, chronic pain, through the use of Virtual Reality. Part installation, part performance, Eugenie takes participants through an immersive experience that underline the various ways in which chronic pain affects us

Seeing is Believing is an experimental art and science collaborative project, simulating a type of chronic pain called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Through a one-on-one interaction between the artist and a participant, the Virtual Reality installation becomes a metaphorical experience of persistent pain through performance, and the latest technologies

Eugenie Lee, Seeing is Believing, 2017, Virtual Reality installation, VR imaging by Andrew Burrell, Courtesy the artists

It is an exercise demonstrating, contrary to common belief, the brain can still produce perceptions of pain even in the absence of physical injury. It is a way of externalising an inherently internal experience, so that the language of pain extends beyond incomplete metaphors allowing the audience insight into what it is like to have CRPS. Please note that this artwork is designed not to give pain to you, the participant, however it may involve various types of discomfort, depending on your response.

Seeing is Believing is part of the exhibition The Patient – the medical subject in contemporary art, currently showing in the Riddoch Art Gallery. From Thursday 14 – Sunday 17 December, artist Eugenie Lee will be at the Main Corner demonstrating her Virtual Reality installation Seeing is Believing

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