Public Art at The Rail

dsc00073Mount Gambier Railway Lands

The City of Mount Gambier, funded by SA Government’s Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure, has developed a public art park located at Mount Gambier’s Railway lands. The project is well poised to position Mount Gambier as a major cultural focal point, and represents one of the more interesting developments in Australian public art. And indeed, Art at The Rail has been in the making for the past ten years, since  Council took formal ownership of the land in 2005. The master plan, a four hectare site stretching between Wehl Street Sth to Bay Rd, created predominantly internally by the City of Mount Gambier, was in the making for the past 7 years, basing itself on open green space and parkland theme.

Public Art at The Rail is also a commitment of the artists and community to risk-taking and inventive experimentation. In the words of Arthur C. Danto: Public art is the public transfigured: it is us, in the medium of artistic transformation. In this spirit Public Art at The Rail presents us with innovative and challenging ideas. Artists exhibited at the Public Art at The Rail include: Karl Meyer and Exhibition Studios, Trevor Wren & Danica Gacaesa McLean, Ben Brumby, Diana Wiseman, Sam Wass, Ivo Tadic, Ant and Hat Martin, Robert Miles and Mark de Nys, and Laura Wills with Demakersevan (see descriptions of artworks in the pdf catalogue linked below).

The above mentioned artists have successfully related to the landscape, reclaiming the railway lands, by using materials ranging from steel/concrete, to airbrush and print on AC sheet, to carved rock, limestone and red gum. The Public Art at The Rail project has already started to play an important role in investigating the domain of the public, contributing to the transformation of our urban Mount Gambier landscape, as well as responding to spatial notions of the lived experiences of our city. It also provides an artistic response to cultural and historical contexts, and provides a framework for engaging with other communities at the Limestone Coast, South Australia and nationally.

For more information and to read about each artwork in detail, please download the Public Art at The Rail catalogue below:

public-art-catalogue-2016-web (pdf 640kb)



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