Future – Future?

Opening Friday 17th November at 6pm, then daily until January 28th

(Some public holidays excluded)

Future – Future? by Keith Armstrong

Caleb Motshabi Sunrise by Keith Armstrong 2017
Caleb Motshabi Sunrise by Keith Armstrong 2017

This project builds strongly on Keith Armstrong’s long history of work at the intersection of media arts practice and socially and ecologically engaged practices.  Keith is working closely with The Program For Innovation in Artform Development (PIAD) led by Dr. Ricardo Peach and Angela De Jesus in South Africa, and the organisation Qala Phelang Tala (Start Living Green!) led by Dr. Anita Venter. This collaboration is visionary in this regard in that it that seeks to connect marginalised communities with a range of resources and practices that have long remained within restricted circles. Keith’s ability and will to work as easily in a township community setting as say a high end motion capture studio makes him an idea conduit for this fascinating and wide reaching experiment in new forms of community engaged practices. Future-Future? considers how ‘change agents’ from other cultures such as these are working to construct a ‘future for their future’, based upon different kinds of desires.. flying under the radar of our own restricted imagination.

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