Final Day to see Jane Austen – Be Persuaded

Tomorrow is your last opportunity to view the Costumes on display in the King’s Floor, representing the period worn by Jane Austen, in an exhibition developed to commemorate the 200th anniversary of her death by Dressing Australia Museum of Costume.

‘Be Persuaded’ follows Jane’s life – and the unforgettable characters she created – from growing up in the 18th century into the era at the beginning of the 19th century. ‘Be Persuaded’ features rare fashion, accessories and ephemera from the 18th century when Jane was born, through to the 1840s when Jane’s beloved sister Cassandra died. Pieces such as these are rarely on display outside of major museums – an 18th century silk gown, diaphanous Empire line frocks, spencers, capes and shawls, boots, pumps and stockings, bonnets and parasols.
Jane Austen is famous yet imperfectly known. ‘Be Persuaded’ brings her a little closer.
Viewable on the King’s Floor of the Main Corner. Entry is free.