Image: Andy Petrusevics, Dora Marr, video still, 2017

Internal Forces
Curated by Dr Linda Marie Walker
Main Gallery and Margaret Scott Gallery

24th March – 29th April

Featuring: Jorge Carla Bajo, Louise Blyton, Melinda Harper, Anton Hart, Aldo Iacobelli, Toshiyuki Iwasaki, Louise Haselton & Christian Lock and Andy Petrusevics

Internal Forces … refers to the complex body/mind web of pressures, tension, and atmospheres that infinitely and abstractly unfold (into) individual worlds/lives that emerge as platforms and scaffolds from which we express our temporary presence as human beings.

Shed Wizard
by James Dodd
Cathleen Edkins Gallery

24th March – 29th April

Shed Wizard includes vivid paintings, unusual bicycles, strange machines and candid videos. It brings this range of objects together to examine Dodd’s trajectory over the past decade or so and examines ongoing themes including social and political resistance; adventure and risk; and the hand-made contraption as a magical art device.

This exhibition presents a range of recent outcomes from James Dodd’s exploratory practice. Dodd is an artist who celebrates cultures of DIY and life-hacking, a result of his upbringing in the ‘make-do’ context of an agricultural childhood.

Dodd applies radical curiosity and invention to investigations of public space, and plays with the idea of fantastic tools and the backyard as in important place to make art.

(toured by Country Arts SA)

Join James Dodd for a live art performance on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March in the Cave Gardens as part of the Fringe in Mount Gambier program of events.

For a review of James Dodd’s work, see the article below by Serena Wong.



Silent Cave|Bell
by Olya Dubatova and Greg Niemeyer
Cave Garden

24th – 25th March, 1pm – 10pm

A meditation on communication technologies, cave|bell is an art installation for Mount Gambier’s caves and galleries. It features a bell music composition based on Russian and Indonesian bell rituals called Zvon and Gamelan. The bell music will play in the Mount Gambier Garden Cave from 1 pm to 10 pm, every hour on the hour, for a few minutes. The composition is algorithmic, meaning that the melody and layering of one section will return, with modifications, in the second section, an hour later. Listeners are invited to detect these differences.

The bell sounds themselves don’t come from real bells, but rather from bells created by a computer that “learns” to make bell sounds based on real bell recordings with machine learning. One bell in particular, the Russian Tsar Bell, takes center stage. Cast in 1732, the 200-ton bell broke before it ever rang. But the artists, together with a team of scientists, develop a sonic model for how the bell would have sounded.

Main Corner Foyer & Southlink

24th March – 22nd April

The composition is accompanied by a historic painting of how the Tsar Bell was cast under dramatic circumstances at the Motorin Foundry in Moscow, and by a description of what gives a bell it’s distinctive sound. To make the whole project accessible, Dubatova and Niemeyer are also installing a set of eight interactive bells for visitors to play with. Again, these bells make synthesized sounds, based on the positions of 8 bell clappers, which hang in a ring. Visitors can set these 8 bell clappers into motion, thereby creating a Zvon concert of their own.

Although the bell forms the starting point of artists Olya Dubatova and Greg Niemeyer’s meditation, the questions explored go beyond the bell. What brings people together? How does emotional resonance cause messages to be passed on from one person to another? What do technologies do to enhance, alter and distract the fundamental human skill of forming communities through communication?

The artists present the Tsar Bell as both a symbol of high hopes for human unity and of shattering change. The installation creates a space to engage in the complexity of communication, from the joys of deep connections to the tragedy of silence.



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